Tokyo 3D-curring research institute curved ruler


Multi-Functional Tokyo Ruler:
Designed by Rendo Kondo, versatile ruler for curves and angles. Protractor for angled lines, internal grid for straight angles. Ideal for drawing and adding seam allowance.


This multi-functional ruler, created by the Tokyo 3D Pattern Cutting Research Institute, was designed by the renowned Rendo Kondo. Her expertise spans an impressive career—from working for Christobal Balenciaga to founding the Tokyo Three-Dimensional Pattern Cutting Research Institute. This metric, flexible ruler serves an array of functions; Its curved side is perfect for drawing sleeve caps, armholes, and necklines. Its added flexibility makes it ideal for measuring those same curves. The ruler features a protractor for drawing angled lines, while its internal grid makes it perfect for drawing straight angles and adding seam allowance. User guidelines: • Never store in direct sunlight or in a location above 55°C as this may cause deformation. • Never leave this on a hot ironing board. • This ruler is not intended for cutting purposes.







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