Curved ruler


Flexible L-Shaped Ruler:
Crafted from transparent plastic, ideal for straight and curved lines. Parallel lines for seam allowance, protractor for angles. Flexibility ensures accurate curve measurement.


This Bunka flexible, metric, L-shaped ruler is designed for drawing both straight and subtly curved lines. Crafted from transparent plastic, it features parallel lines at 0.5, 1, and 1.2cm intervals, making it ideal for adding a seam allowance. The ruler includes a protractor for drawing angled lines, and its internal grid and extended 90-degree corner offer added value when drawing straight angles. Its flexibility ensures accurate measurement of curves. • Product dimensions: Width 500mm x Height 150mm x Thickness 2mm User guidelines: • Never store in direct sunlight or in a location above 55°C as this may cause deformation. • Never leave this on a hot ironing board. • This ruler is not intended for cutting purposes.


Bunka Gakuen



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