Step into the future of textiles

Discover beautifully crafted fabrics and future-proof your textile projects through digitization, radical transparency, and cutting-edge materials.

BAKERMAT is the symbiosis between a textile shop, virtual fabric library and material agency; a place where your artistic vision meets the industry’s newest innovations.


01. Fabric Store

Shop our extensive collection of physical fabrics, trims and tools. Get supplier information and technical advice on your projects from the BAKERMAT team.

02. Virtual Library

Optimize your sourcing process and elevate your 3D designs. Get access to our ever-growing library of 3D textures – the fabrics of virtual fashion.

03. Material Agency

Work with our dedicated team of specialists to bring your textile dreams to life. We help you source fabrics and trims from our vetted network of suppliers and production houses.
stoffenwinkel Antwerpen Bakermat

The textile industry is broken. So we started BAKERMAT – our vision for how things can be done differently. More efficient. More sustainable. More transparent. We translated our years of experience as fashion designers and virtual fashion specialists into a tool for change. A textile innovation platform that is built to empower you to create – fairly and with accountability.


Our love for physical product and quality craftsmanship is what guides our curation of textiles for our fabric store. Our excitement for innovation is what powers our virtual fabric library. And our dedication to changing our industry for the better is the foundation for the relationships we build – from suppliers, production houses, to designers, brands, and fashion students.

Welcome to the BAKERMAT universe.

Rethink the way you buy textiles

Whether you visit our store in the heart of Antwerp or shop our fabric range online – the BAKERMAT shopping experience is built on traceability and transparency. All our fabrics and trims are carefully sourced from our vetted network of suppliers and production houses, and come with a verified supplier passport.


Kleine Markt 7
2000 – Antwerp

Opening hours:
Tue – Sat: 10:00 – 18:00


Explore our range of fabrics, expertly crafted by artisans, sustainability pioneers, textile innovators and heritage producers.

Unlock limitless design

Experience the future of textiles with our cutting-edge fabrics and virtual fabric simulations. Let your imagination run wild as you bring your designs to life.

Virtual fabric library

Our virtual fabric library is a digital, subscription based platform where you get access to 3D textures – the fabrics of virtual fashion. It provides a bridge between the physical and digital as we scan fabrics from our textile shop inventory to create virtual twins with the exact same properties. So you can streamline your sourcing process and elevate your 3D designs.

Material Agency

Tap into the knowledge and expertise of our textile specialists. We offer custom sourcing solutions for brands, designers, and textile manufacturers who are looking to future-proof their textile projects.


Ready for change?

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