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Seamless Integration for 3D
Digital Archive
Texture Creation
Photo-Realistic Images

At Bakermat, we’ve partnered with Vizoo to bring you the smartest and most powerful of texture processing technology – xTex™. A state-of-the-art solution that transforms the visual properties of materials into stunningly realistic images and Physically Based Rendering (PBR) texture maps.

Bakermat offers the ability to enhance your digital fabrics for the apparel industry by seamlessly incorporating physical properties.

Our on-demand material digitization service accepts swatches up to A4 size, delivering universally compatible digital materials.

Bakermat offers three dynamic ways to digitize, designed to meet the evolving landscape of digital fashion.

Photo-Realistic Images for Digital Archive.
Effortlessly construct and organize your fabric archive digitally with an accurately scaled digital scan, ensuring state-of-the-art colour calibration and seamless pattern repetition.

Texture Creation.
Create 3D virtual twins of physical fabrics and embrace PBR maps for digital representation, compatible with a range of 3D software applications in fashion, interior design, gaming, and beyond.

Seamless Integration for 3D Software.
Unlock a true-to-life fabric simulation by seamlessly incorporating physical properties, ensuring a more precise representation of drape and movement within your 3D software.

Workflow & benefits

PBR, short for Physically Based Rendering, is the secret behind creating visuals that mimic the flow of light in the real world by simulating how materials absorb and reflect light. In the realms of gaming, prototyping, and beyond, PBR textures stand out for their unparalleled ability to deliver photorealistic effects and ensure seamless compatibility across various software applications.

Bakermat empowers anyone to leverage virtual fabrics and expand their digital design capabilities. Whether you’re a brand, designer, textile manufacturer or design student – digitization is now more accessible than ever. Here’s how it works.

Step 1 – Scanning
Following an initial consultation to define the project scope, we kick off with a digital scan of your material. Ship your fabric samples to our Antwerp Store, and we handle the scanning process. Depending on your chosen service, we either export the digital scan for Photo-Realistic Images or move forward with generating PBR texture maps for Texture Creation.

Step 2 – Analyzing
Opting for Seamless Integration for 3D Software? After the initial scan and PBR-map creation, our experts dive into analyzing the material’s physical properties, elevating the 3D simulation to a true-to-life standard.

Step 3 – Exporting
The journey concludes with tailored exports for your preferred applications, offering a spectrum of options including XTEX, U3M, SBS, MDL, as well as JPEG, PNG, and TIFF formats.

Experience the advantages of Bakermat’s Digital Solutions. Consider a digital archive your strategic asset, enabling trend analysis, material preservation, and global collaboration. With enhanced search and retrieval efficiency, you save time and effortlessly streamline workflows.

Beyond visual accuracy, our Texture Creation service crafts high-quality virtual twins of physical fabrics, allowing rapid visualization, effortless experimentation, and high-resolution imagery—all seamlessly integrated into your preferred design software for a cohesive workflow.

Integrating physical properties into digitized textiles unlocks true-to-life 3D simulations, offering more precise garment prototype representation, cost and time savings, reduced environmental impact, and a competitive edge in the ever-evolving industry.

Embrace the future of design with Bakermat’s comprehensive and cutting-edge digital solutions.



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