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Our virtual fabric library is a digital, subscription based platform where you get access to 3D textures – the fabrics of virtual fashion. It provides a bridge between the physical and digital as we scan fabrics from our textile shop inventory to create virtual twins with the exact same properties.

So you can streamline your sourcing process and elevate your 3D designs.

01. Source

Browse our extensive collection of virtual fabrics. They’re high quality scans of the physical fabrics we stock in our Antwerp store. This means that as our store inventory grows, so does our virtual library.

02. Download

We guarantee that any of our virtual fabrics will be compatible with your preferred application. That’s why we offer a large variety of file formats, including xTex, U3M, SBS, MDL, JPG, PNG, and TIF.

03. Create

Unlock limitless design and bring your digital textile projects to life. Whether you’re using our virtual fabrics to streamline your sampling process, or push the boundaries of conceptual 3D design – just import the files and start creating.

We set out to build a virtual fabric library that would streamline the textile sourcing process and unlock new dimensions of design. Being accessible to both consumers and businesses, users can browse thousands of virtual fabrics at the click of a button. Since each item in the virtual library is a hyper-realistic scan of a physical fabric we have stocked in our Antwerp store, users can download and test the fabrics digitally before ordering the physical version. This saves time, resources, and prevents textile waste. If you’re specialized exclusively in 3D design, the virtual library offers an ever-growing selection of digital textiles which you can download and use for your virtual creations.

Hyper-realistic scanning

We are continuously expanding our virtual fabric library by creating virtual twins of all the physical fabrics we stock in our Antwerp store. This is done via hyper-realistic scans, using state of the art equipment. We start the scanning process using the xTex A4 scanner hardware in combination with the xTex software. This allows us to scan any type of material, at scale, mapping data points on things like color, structure, displacement, specularity / metalness, transparency, and roughness. After the initial scans are completed, our in-house experts analyse the drape of the material. This accurately determines all of the physical properties of any fabric, from its thickness, to the way it stretches and bends. Finally, we export our scans in a large variety of file formats in order to ensure that they are compatible with your preferred 3D application.

Try it out before you buy! Discover up to four different free 3D samples to work with.

Free Samples

Our mission is to empower creators to design accountable and fair, reshaping the industry from the bottom up.


RICC-0002-GREEN-1a-DIGITAL image

400 gsm

51%WV 49%LI



FASA-0012-RED-1a-DIGITAL image

170 gsm




CHWI-0006-PINK-1e-DIGITAL image

150 gsm




SHIM-0004-MULTI-1f-DIGITAL image

155 gsm



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