Bottoli, whose roots date back to 1861, is one of the very few fully integrated woolen mills, managing the entire process from raw material selection to fabric embellishment. Drawing on centuries of experience in pursuing excellence and aesthetic taste, Bottoli today is one of the world’s most recognized mills specialized in fancy fabrics. An ongoing search for innovative fabrics and an appreciation for artisanal excellence are the guiding principles that connect past, present, and future.

The production facility is surrounded by lush greenery and covers 5,000 square meters of land, using electricity from renewable sources. Promoting a centuries-old Italian textile tradition, rediscovering and selecting Italian sheep, and creating ecological fabrics labeled Lanaitaliana® are at the heart of their mission to pursue sustainable progress through tireless research, making Bottoli a reference point in the field of sustainability.

Nevertheless, in recent years, the mill has specialized in natural dyes, particularly in hazelnut tones using catechu and the fascinating indigo, and most recently, dyeing with coffee grounds. This dye, free from chemicals, imparts captivating vintage shades to natural fibers and allows for the recycling of a by-product that bars and restaurants usually waste.

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