Shimogawa Orimono is contributing to the international recognition of Kasuri by expanding its collaborations with textile designers, fashion houses and artists outside of Japan, adapting the tradition to the clothing designers’ creative requirements. One of the more notable projects of late is the 2021 LOEWE x StudioGibli collaboration, for which they custom produced several of the fabrics used throughout the collection.

Kasuri, or as mostly known as Japanese Ikat, is a technique invented in the 1800s. It’s used to produce fabrics which are woven with fibers dyed specifically to create patterns and images. The traditional technique has been preserved and handed down over the generations, despite the ever-changing world of dyeing and weaving. It has been a Japanese cultural property since 1957.

To this day Kurume Kasuri, which is used in a wide range of everyday goods such as Japanese clothing, western clothing, and interior design, is one of Japan’s most recognisable textiles. Typical to these cotton fabrics are their simple patterns, made from the yarns and are hand dyed with natural indigo. The width of the fabrics are mostly 35-38 centimeters.

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