Jean Kawashima curved ruler


Versatile Metric Curved Ruler:
Supports various curved shapes, from armholes to necklines. Durable construction with 10 layers of vinyl. Sealed lettering for longevity. Features 5mm interval measurements.


This Bunka metric curved ruler is a versatile tool supporting the construction of various curved shapes, from armholes and sleeve caps to necklines. Its durability is guaranteed by its construction: 10 layers of vinyl are stacked to prevent warping over time, and the lettering is sealed between these layers, ensuring it will not fade. The ruler features 5mm interval measurements. • Product dimensions: Width 250mm x Height 120mm x Thickness 2mm User guidelines: • Never store in direct sunlight or in a location above 55°C as this may cause deformation. • Never leave this on a hot ironing board. • This ruler is not intended for cutting purposes.


Bunka Gakuen



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