Buffalo Horn Button



These irregular shaped, two-hole buttons, are made from the tip of the horn of the Asian water buffalo. The shape of the horn dictates the shape of the button, this makes each button unique. We stock these buttons in 3 sizes making them perfect for matching a suit -jackets, manchet buttons with the front closing button and the trouser button, but they also lend themself ideally to be used for interior projects. These buttons are cut from the tip of the horn, creating their irregular shape, the diameters mentioned above are an approximate reference, each button has a different shape. 
These buttons are made from a natural material, each button is unique with the design and color changing slightly.

– thickness: 3mm
– diameter size 20: 12,5mm
– diameter size 32: 20mm
– hole-diameter: 1,5mm, 2mm
– Asian Water Buffalo Horn


Materials: Asian Water Buffalo Horn