Corozo Button



This matt, two-hole button, is made Corozo. These buttons are made from the seeds of six known species of dioecious palms ,They are commonly known as ivory palms, ivory-nut palms or Tagua palms. We stock multiple sizes of these buttons, the smallest ideal to be used as a shirting button, the larger sizes are great for suitings, matching the manchet buttons with the front closing button.
These buttons are made from a natural material, each button is unique with the design and color changing slightly.

– thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 3mm
– diameter size 18: 11mm
– diameter size 32: 20mm
– diameter size 36: 23mm
– hole-diameter: 1,5mm, 2mm, 2mm
– Corozo


Materials: Corozo