Misuya Chubei Needles grooved oval eye


Misuya Chubei Needle Set: Assorted needles for various stitching needs.


This Misuya Chubei assorted needle set with grooved oval eyes consists of 25 needles, categorized into 5 types with 5 needles each. Among the assortment, shorter needles are tailored for button attachment, while longer needles excel in pad- and blind stitching, providing varying thicknesses to match different fabric types. • Supplier: Misuya Chubei User guidelines: • Please ensure safe storage of needles and keep them away from children. • The package is written in Japanese, please find here the translation below: 三 – 五 = 3-5 (Size W: 0.71mm L 45.5mm) Longest silk needles. Suitable for blind stitch. 四 – 二 = 4-2 (Size W: 0.56mm L 36.4mm) Shorter silk needles. Suitable for patchwork. 四 – 五 = 4-5 (Size W: 0.56mm L 45.5mm) Longest silk needles. 大ちやぼ = Large Chabo (Size W: 0.84mm L 39.4mm) For attaching buttons and working with thicker fabrics.


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