Sea Opal Button



Sourced from the pristine coastal waters of New Zealand, the Pāua shells, revered by the Māori people for their significance and beauty, are delicately harvested along rocky shorelines. These shells, belonging to three New Zealand species of large edible sea snails known as abalone, or Ormer shells in some regions, symbolize a deep connection to tradition and cultural symbolism.
In Māori culture, the Pāua shells hold profound significance, often representing the eyes of human and animal figures in intricate carvings. They are revered as symbols of ancestral connections, associated with the stars or whetū, embodying the symbolic eyes of ancestors that watch over from the celestial expanse.
These buttons are made from a natural material, each button is unique with the design and color changing slightly.

– thickness: 1mm / 1,5mm / 3mm
– diameter size 12: 8mm
– diameter size 18: 11mm
– diameter size 36: 23mm
– hole-diameter: 1mm / 1,5mm / 2mm
– Sea Opal


Materials: Sea Opal