Shozaburo Sewing shears 20cm (right-handed)



These right-handed Shozaburo tailor shears are perfect for cutting a wide range of fabrics, from silk to wool. What sets these Japanese scissors apart is their rich heritage of craftsmanship. Unlike modern scissors, these shears rely on a traditional Japanese blade forging method, similar to Samurai swords. The unique combination of high-quality blade steel and very soft steel ensures long-lasting sharpness. These shears are meticulously aligned and sharpened by hand. We offer these tailoring shears in three different lengths: 30cm, 28cm, 24cm, and 20cm.

• Supplier: Shozaburo
• Length: 20cm

User guidelines:
• These scissors require maintenance for lifelong use. When they become less smooth, it’s advisable to have them sharpened by a professional.
• These scissors will adapt to your hand, so it’s recommended not to lend them to other users.
• Please handle your scissors carefully to avoid compromising their alignment.
• Store scissors safely and keep them away from children.





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